Welcome to Woodmont High School

Orientation for New Teachers to Woodmont High School


Hello and welcome to the beginning of a GREAT YEAR!!! To assist with your transition to our school, we will be holding a "New to Woodmont" Orientation on August 14th from 8:30-4:00. At this orientation, you will become familiar with our facility, our practices and policies, and meet "key players" in the day to day operations at Woodmont High. You will also receive access to your rooms. Lunch will be provided and you may dress comfortably(You will have ID pic taken but that's from your shoulders up). We want this to be a time to learn new information while reducing the anxiety of being at a new place.

Please bring a personal device (SmartPhone or iPad)

You will need to download a QR Reader App to your device for participation in some activities..

Faculty Handbook

You may want to familiarize yourself with the material in the handbook prior to Monday's meeting.


Attitude is everything when beginning a new school year in a new place. YOU are here because WE WANT YOU to be here and WE NEED YOU to help our students. You may get overwhelmed at first, but you will find your strengths and I encourage you to focus on all the things you are doing right. This is going to be a great year because YOU ARE HERE!!
values optimism