Where I Stand


Throughout this presentation I will be talking about some of the issues that i have with the city of Markham including snow removal, parks and road maintenance.

My Concerns

Snow Removal

My first concern that I will be talking about is snow removal in the town of Markham.

I have a concern with this because the snow plows always leave the snow on our drive ways and then we have to shovel it to the side so we can move our cars. The problem with this is that it is a pain to do plus the elderly also have to move the snow from their drive ways and they can hurt themselves or even worse. I know that a lot of people have a problem with the system including my grandparents and my neighbors. I think the town of Markham should have another snow plow come and take the snow off of our drive ways and put them to the side or get a couple of snow plows in every neighborhood and they can take the snow off of our drive ways so that we don't have to.


My second concern that I will be talking about is parks in our neighborhoods.

I have a concern with this because children are getting hurt due to the sand at the parks. The surface can give the kids scratches and the sand might get into their eyes, plus the kids will bring a lot of sand home and make a big mess and trust me that doesn't make your parents happy at all. A solution for this is giving all neighborhood parks a spongy surface. This will ensure the safety of the kids that go to the park because if they fall off the swings or the slide they will fall onto a surface that will give so the kids wont get hurt plus the kids can not throw sand at each other and the most important thing is that they wont bring sand into the house and that would make parents happy.

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Road Maintenance

My third and final concern is road maintenance in the town of Markham. My concern with this is that they are wasting resources to pave roads that do not need to be paved as bad as other roads, also they say they are going to be done at lets say December 31st but they wont finish until the next couple of months. A solution for this is that they can find a road that has a lot of pot holes a bumps and repave that on instead of a road without any bumps and pot holes. Another solution is that they can have a supervisor there with them while they are paving the road to help keep them on task.
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