ZigZag World

Jen Aguilar, Jasmin Bonfil, Theresa McMahon

Why Six Flags should pick our design...

It's a new unique roller coaster. It's a thrilling ride that makes you second guess your decision of going on because there's a point where there's no track. It starts off with a 5 foot drop and its followed by a loop, but that's not all there's a twist with something that's never been done before, the track ends and you fly through the air down through the inside of a dark Zig Zag.


Constant Velocity- Has not moved

Force of Normal- We're dropping it to start

Gravity- Pulling marble down first drop

Potential- Not moving yet, Potential to fall because above ground


Acceleration- Gain more speed because of gravity at first drop

Gravity- Pulling it down towards ground

Friction- Between marble point b

Kinetic- It's moving

Thermal- Lost some friction

Potential- On loop, not ground


Acceleration- It's stopping

Gravity- Pulling down towards ground

Friction- Stopping

Thermal- Friction less

Kinetic- A little bit of kinetic because it's coming to a stop, but mostly thermal