How Does a Forecast Work?

What do they use?


A meterologist is a man/female telling the what the weather is like so we are prepared for whatever comes this way. When we are prepared for the weather a meteorologists job is done.


Temp is used every day we get it from a thermometer,to know what we should wear every day. Other wise we wouldn't have the right clothes on or we would have to much clothes on.


The amount of water vapor in the air around you that makes everything sticky, but with out it we would not get rid of the water vapor and we would be getting lots of down pours.


Water falling back down from the clouds to make rain even though we don't want the rain it is not our choice its mother natures choice.

Air Pressure

The air pressuring on the earths surface to give the plants air with out the plants most of us would die from lack of air. That would be our faults.

Wind Direction

Wind direction is whatever way the wind is blowing to blow the wind vanes a certen direction for how many days for this week of next week any week its possible.

Wind Speed

Wind speed is how fast the wind is blowing for the day and wind speeds up and slows down throughout the day.


A machine that measures the outside temputure to see what you should wear outside.


This scale is full of everything symbulls numbers scales just to find out the weather. without this machinery we would not be outside if we didn't know what the weather was like.

Wind Vane

It shows what way the wind blows, and what way to fly a kite or what way to put a sail boat it would be hard to do these things without a wind vane.

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