Czech Immigration to Texas

Why The Czech left their homeland

The reasons that the Czech came to Texas was to improve their economic situation. The biggest reasons for Czech immigration to Texas was famine, disease, poverty and unemployment. Some men fled to avoid being enlisted into the army.

Why The Czech came to Texas

The Czech were fond of farming and the price of farmland was very cheap in Texas.

Culture Highlight


  • Ammansville - Annual Father's day picnic in June.
  • Caldwell - Kolache Festival in September.
  • Damon - Sts. Cyril & Methodius bazaar in late september.
  • Dubina - Sts. Cyril & Methodius festival , first sunday in June.
  • East Bernard - Czech Kolache-Klobase Festival in June.
  • Ennis - National Polka Festival in May.
  • Flatonia - Czhilispiel in October.
  • Hallettsville - Kolache Fest in September; South Texas Polka and Sausage Fest in March.
  • High Hill - St. Mary's Picnic on Labor Day Sunday.
  • Houston - Slavic heritage Day in July.
  • Pasadena - Gulf Coast Czech Festival in late October.
  • Praha - Prazska Pout on Aug. 15; parish picnic close to Veterans day.
  • Richmond-Rosenberg - Fort Bend Country Czech Fest in May.
  • San Antonio - Czech Heritage Festival in October.
  • Schulenburg - St. John's parish festival.
  • Shiner - Bocktoberfest in October; church bazaar Labor day Sunday.
  • West - Westfest on labor day weekend.

Significant Individuals

  • Carl Postl - He was a writer who may have visited the Texas-Louisiana border as early as 1823.
  • Fredarick Lemsky - He arrived in 1836 and played the fife in the Texas Band at the battle of San Jacinto.
  • Bohumir Menzl - A Catholic priest who moved to New Braunfels in 1840.
  • Josef Arnost Bergman - He is the Father of Czech immigration to Texas.


How many people out of the first group of immigrants died during the trip?

Before the Czech reached Texas some of their settlements were originally

What foreign power was in control of Czech at this time?

When did the first Czech Immigrants come to Texas

Interesting fact

The Texans often mistook Moravians for Bohemians.

Analysis-Czech Impact

The Czech had done many things that affected Texas. They built schools and published newspapers to teach and maintain their language. Today Czech radio broadcast can be heard in central Texas. The University of Texas in Austin teaches Czech in the modern language department. The dances, and the musical instruments had affected the Texas culture so much that they began to show up in Mexico. Numerous Czech bands still play in Texas

Analysis-Texas immigration

Texas is better of with immigration because the population increases. They also get more farmer and/or workers. They also make settlements.


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