JW Reason Elementary

4th Grade Newsletter- January 2016

What's on the Calendar?

January 4th- FIRST DAY BACK

January 18- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20- Students will take their 2nd SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)

What Are We Learning this Month?

January Curriculum

Math- We will be starting division this month! Students need to understand that division is sharing by making equal groups. We will solve problems with and without remainders. Students will need to be able to interpret what does the remainder mean. Students will have their multiplication and division post-test this month. They are expected to be able to solve multi-step problems involving all four operations. After division, we will be starting FRACTIONS :)

Reading- This month we will be focusing on THEME. Theme is the big idea or author's message. Students understand that theme is often inferred by paying attention to what the characters are learning and how they grow and change. There is often more than one theme to a text. Students must be able to prove their theme by providing evidence for their thinking.

Social Studies- We will be continuing learning about the history of the United States. This week we are starting to learn about the early explorers to arrive in the America's. From here we will make our way towards the American Revolution and how we gained our independence.


Homework will continue as we welcome in the new year. My homework expectation is that students are reading every night. Please support your students in establishing a homework routine. By the end of the week (Thursday evening), students are to write a brief summary about what they mostly read that week.

Students are also expected to play ST Math at home 2-3 nights a week. As we continue to work on multiplication and division this month, students are also expected to practice their basic math facts at home. There is a "fact log" that needs to be filled out each week on the back of their homework log. Being fluent in basic math facts opens the door to being able to go deeper in their understanding of larger numbers. They can spend less time on the calculations and more time understanding the process with accuracy.