The Story of Jane Austen

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Born and raised in Steventon, England, Jane Austen grew up as the youngest of seven siblings and was also one of only two daughters in the family. Her family was very prestigious and well-respected by other families and people. Austen's parents raised the children in an environment that stressed the importance of everyday skills and creativity, which is where Jane's writing inspirations began. Jane's father had a large library that Jane and her sister liked to visit. Jane developed a love for literature and her father influenced and encouraged her to read and write as well. She began to write stories and poems which soon developed into novels.

What Popular Novels You Have, Ms. Austen!

Austen's books were an instant success upon being released. Despite the difficulty of getting anybody to publish her books (she had to have her brother submit the drafts, as she was not taken as seriously because she was a woman), the public enjoyed her works. Women valued the books for having the point of view of a woman, not the traditional male-centered novels of the early 19th century, and the general public was amused and interested in her distinctive style of writing.

How Interesting!

Teenage Girls Now vs. Teenage Girls Then

How to communicate

2016: Cell phones, text messaging, social media, telephone

1800: Telegraph, limited telephone in some areas, slow mail service

Just for fun…

2016: Football games, extra-curricular activities, band practice, hanging out, watching movies, involvement in youth group

1800:Barn dances, fishing, sewing, tea parties (for the more affluent)

What’s for dinner?

2016: Pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, hamburgers

1800:Chili and cornbread, stewed duck, mince pie

Snacks, anyone?

2016: Potato chips, candy bar, soda

1800: Lemon puffs, gingerbread cookies

When I grow up, I want to be a…

2016: Engineer, lawyer, astronaut, CEO of a large company, veterinarian, teacher (and of course, mother and wife, too!)

1800: Mother, wife, teacher, nanny

Modes of transportation

2016: Cars, planes, subways, taxis, bicycles

1800:Horses, wagons/carriages, by foot, some train travel

A typical day

2016: Get up, get dressed for school, eat breakfast if there’s time; after school, go to soccer practice, hang out with friends, eat dinner, go to bed.

1800: Get up, do chores, eat breakfast with the family, go to school; after school, come home, do homework, more chores, eat dinner, go to bed.

At age 16…

2016: Involved in extracurricular activities, maybe a part-time job; thinking of college choices and career paths

1800: Thinking of marriage

The awesome things…

2016: Advances in modern medicine, modern conveniences, such as dishwashers and indoor plumbing, more diverse fashions, makeup

1800: Simpler more relaxed times, more family-oriented, God and church a priority, most food homegrown, healthier eating, fashions consisted of prairie dresses

The not-so-good-things…

2016: Peer pressure, more drugs, crime & poverty; breakdown in family, God is more commonly forgotten and excluded

1800: Death from now-curable diseases, life expectancy not as long, hard backbreaking work, travel was slow

Jane Austen: Biography of a Great Thinker