Amazon Rainforest,Brazil

by Caden Martinez

airfare cost and schedule

I will be traveling to Brazil to look at the rainforests and see how their food is. Also it will be my first time to go on a plan and I will want to try riding in a plan for my first time schedule-DEN 7:50a → GIG 7:30a 20h 40m 1 stop (MIA) GIG 9:35p → DEN 11:15a 16h 40m 1 stop (DFW April 6-April 18


first class-$12,733


Deluxe suite with partial sea view-non-refundable:two bed,lobby ,free breakfast it cost $4650

It provides room service

It has a restaurant to eat at with your family

the hotel is by the copacabana beach and edmundo bittencourt square and the corcovado

It also provides a pool also a bar

there is cable with a DVD player in the room


Hotel is nice enough. 78% of guests mentioned it positively.


Splash around on the coastline of the Amazon River. Hear the birds cawing to you in the trees. Watch out because they dive and float through the sky looking for food. Tall trees hug the river's edge, so maybe we will stop and attempt a climb to see all the butiful birds like the toucan also I will hear the other birds Churp,Churp,Churp around me while i'm looking for the Toucan.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I'm traveling to Brazil to go to the Amazon Rainforest. The problems that I will face is the language. To know what they say to me, I will get a book for the language they speak, so I know what they say to me. The app that I use is the top language translation app for iphone it has twenty-three languages like portuguese.

Also I can get lost, so what I will do is bring a map of the Amazon Rainforest, so I know where I'm going.,5681/


The trip was fun me and my partner had breakfast it was to die for. also we went in the amazon rainforest to look at the birds like the toucan while we were in the amazon rainforest we heard lots of birds chirping. We had an escort in the rainforest so we don't get lost in the rainforest but after all of the ride we finally just relaxed at the nice beach but the fun doesn't end here we both tried surfing while we were in brazil what we found out is we are naturals, The hotel was great we had free awesome breakfast I loved the food there and I hope I can go back to brazil to try more things in brazil that I haven't tried in brazil, Brazil is the most wonderful thing in there world to go have fun and relax.