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Weekly Recommended iPad App

Weekly Recommended iPad App

Aurasma - uses Augmented Reality to bring images to life. Very similar to a QR code in the sense that you provide additional information from an image. It can be a little difficult to get your head around and what you will need Is a video clip and trigger image. Identify the trigger image and insert a video with it, when the image is scanned a video will load up. Great for extending students understanding. Twitter has some good examples of Aurasma walls in the classroom

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For some light hearted PE fun follow @PEJocks if you want to read some controversial tweets that we all probably think from time to time

PE Tip of the Day

“@LizCloke: label a Help point in sports hall and gym, get your lead learners to keep an eye out and assist anyone who goes to it!”

“@MrGOLoughlin: Kicking cont. Kick to the full back! Can you make the fullback knock on or drop the ball! Switch roles! Finish with kick tennis"

“@studleyhighpe: rugby musical chairs, small grid, 1 ball per person, put the ball down on, then pick up another ball. Teacher takes one out!”

The Cube: Some great ideas to develop skills and promote independent learning