My Future

By: Christian Hester

In 10 Years...

In 10 years I want to be detailing million dollar cars and starting into customization of cars. I want to be the most exclusive detailer in the United States and hopefully create masterpieces. Detailing cars is about making them look brand new again and sometimes even better. One of my favorite detailers, Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC, did a video of a brand new, straight from the dealership, McLaren MP4-12C and there was already scratches and imperfections from prep work the dealership had done to it. That McLaren is a $240,000 car. I enjoy making cars look perfect again and I think that that will drive me to a successful detailer. I have already started detailing cars and am learning about all the products and techniques so in 10 years, hopefully I'll have it down to a science. Below are some examples of what I want to do.

10 Year Time Line

  • Graduate high school.
  • Work on friends/family's cars for a side job/hobby.
  • First thing is to graduate from college with a business degree from Sam Houston University.
  • Go back to California for detailing classes.
  • Get a loan to open up a detail shop and make it different than the others.
  • Work my way to the top to become a master detailer and work on expensive cars.
  • 5 years or so after initial start-up, start introducing small customization work.
  • At 10 years hopefully be 50/50 with detailing and car customization.

Things That Could Ruin My Plan

  • Not focus on college work to graduate.
  • Economy farther in a recession.
  • Demand for auto detailing/customization down.
  • Not being able to get my loan for the business.
  • Die from high speed crash.
  • Tragic event in family that requires me to move back to Texas.

Musts To Be Successful

  • Natural ability to learn detailing.
  • Good client base.
  • Connections to people in the industry for help.
  • Money for the detailing classes.
  • A portfolio of cars I've done, so people trust me with their cars.