Child Care & After-School Programs

Lindsay Hopkins

Purpose Of Organization?

The purpose of USDA child care and after-scool activities is to provide a place for the youth kids to go to. This program is affordable to the parents who can't afford higher quality day care, or day care at all. Most of the youth spend more time in a child care program rather than education itself. NIFA provides resources along with national leadership to grant universities to increase the idea of education for children ranging from school age care and teen out-of-school programs.

How Does This Help Protect The Rights Of Children?

In the United States,

more than 13 million children are left in Pre-School facilities.

24 million school aged children are in need of after-school programs.

along with 5 million youth are without adult supervision in after-school activities.

The essential idea of this organization is to make sure children don't go without adult supervision, and lack of engagement with the children themselves. This helps protect the children by insuring that they will always have a safe place to go after school.

How Can This Organization Benefit?

It is very paramount that the word of this organization gets around. This program can not only help the main target, the kids, but also help parents, and families.

How does it benefit the kids? This organization helps benefit the kids by simply allowing them a safe, monitored place after a long day of school or day time activities.

How does it benefit the Parents- It is reassuring to them that there kids through all ages always have a safe, loving, educational environment. It will relieve stress off of them, allowing them to do there job consistently through the day.

How does it help families? This also helps benefit any family members who take a responsible role in the child's or teens life.

This organization benefits multiple people with kids and responsibilities. It will impact the youths life in a very positive aspect.

How Did This Organization Come Together?

This organization became what is it today simply to help protect children, and ensure that they will never be alone in after-school activities. The way this organization came together was through adults who saw these children AND parents struggling.
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"The lack of affordable, quality child care and after-school programs has a negative effect on current and future educational accomplishment and employment for parents and children, the nation's economy and family income, and the physical and emotional environments in which people live." -USDA child care website