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SM Elementary Learning Update - May 16

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Upcoming Dates

Monday, May 18 - Teacher Professional Development day - teachers will not be sending out work on this day.

Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day - no school

School will continue until the original end date of June 11. Please see the district calendar for this year. Please be sure you have read the May 15 update from our superintendent, Dr. Weiss.


It has now been over two months since students left our doors on March 13th. We have all learned a lot about ourselves as a nation, as a community, as a school, as families, and as individuals. And although there are many questions still remaining, please be assured that Lakeview is here for you in so many ways that you might not even think about.

You might be surprised at the number of ways we can help connect you with resources and answer questions, not just about math, reading, science and other schoolwork, but also connecting you to mental health resources, providing information about food or insurance, helping families where English proficiency may be a factor in accessing resources, and so many other ways. These are things we actually do all year - no matter if we are face-to-face or virtual - and we do it because we value our families. Although we do not provide many of these services, we have people on staff who can help or direct you to the right place. Stay connected with us!

Student item pickup and yearbooks

Since school is closed for the remainder of this year (but online learning continues with teachers), we are coordinating the pickup of student personal items. At this point, all student personal items have been bagged up for easy distribution in the near future. Soon, we will let you know how that will be happening, and we are developing a drive-up plan. Items such as school library books, classroom library books, Chromebooks, and yearbooks are also under consideration. We promise to let you know each of these items will be handled. Our yearbooks will still be distributed, but students normally would not have received yearbooks until June anyway.

Ideas that can help in these crazy times

According to our mid-April Learner Access Survey (completed by families for 42% of our students), about 1 in 5 Lakeview students does not have a set time and place to engage in schoolwork each day. We encourage you to set up a special spot for your child as well as a daily schedule. Adults are doing the same thing right now. At the Sepersky house, my youngest child has a card table in one room and the "principal's office" is in my dining room. It helps (and nobody has been sent to the principal's office in quite some time!)

Here is a link to a "virtual calming room" with various ways to create calm and focus for students and adults.

Here are some parenting tips during the COVID-19 school closure, although I think these are great tips for all the time.

5th grade vaccination reminder

If your student is currently in 5th grade, please see this information from our district nurse regarding Tdap vaccinations for students entering middle school.

5th Grade Recognition

Although there will not be an in-person event for 5th grade recognition this year, we continue to think about and honor our 5th grade students as they transition to the middle school next year. Middle school counselors are joining 5th grade Google Meets to talk about middle school and answer student questions. We plan to distribute 5th grade Recognition items during student pickup (see article above). The traditional 5th grade video is also being created. 5th grade families please note:

While the 5th Grade Recognition Video will only be shared directly with Lakeview students and families, Lakeview Elementary School and the School District of South Milwaukee are not responsible if others share the link beyond Lakeview families. Please understand that by allowing your child's image to be included in the 5th Grade Recognition Video, it may be shared electronically by others to individuals beyond the control of Lakeview Elementary School or the School District of South Milwaukee. If you prefer that your child’s image NOT BE SHARED via video and slideshow, please contact your child’s 5th grade teacher by Friday, May 22nd for exclusion.

4K Registration for 2020-21

4K registration is open for the 2020-21 school year! If you or anyone you know needs to register for 4K, please use this link for more information and the online registration form.

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