The War of 1812

Who is to Blame the British or the Americans?

     The war of 1812 was one of the most interesting wars. It is so interesting because no one knows who’s to blame. It was a war between the British and the Americans. This war started because United States wanted to sell its goods to both countries, but each side wanted to stop the trade with the other. Britain, had a large navy, and blocked U.S. ports and captured U.S. ships being used for trade.   

Blame the British and the Americans!

     The war of 1812 was both the British and Americans. Many things happened like the Americans warned European countries to stay out of the North and South America. The Americans had to get ready if they were invaded and had a trade advantage that could create a new foreign policy. The British didn’t get much trading so they didn’t have the advantages like the Americans. Also, Admiral Cochrane wanted to invade Baltimore. As the British advanced towards the city the Americans General Ross was killed as his forces went for the city. The attack on Canada and the British troops landed in Chesapeake Bay. The British got their supply lines cut off and no supplies. The Americans made the attack and cut off the British lines. In addition to all this the British got anger and made many damages to Chesapeake Bay. They burned down the Capital, White House, and Nonresidential Washington.        

By: Kassi Mazza