411 about sentences

By: Hailey Williams

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Back to the basics!

What does a sentence include?

An sentence includes a subject and a predicate.

Nouns &Noun phrases!

What is a noun? A noun is a person, place, or thing. What is a phrase? A phrase is a group of words put together.

But what is an noun phrase? An noun phrase is sentence that starts with a noun and it then makes a noun phrase.


Verbs and Verb phrases!

What is a verb? A verb is a word showing action. Verbs can be classified in two ways. These two ways are an action verb and a linking verb. We will get into this later though... What is a verb phrase? A verb phrase is a part of a sentence with a noun and an object.

Action verb examples:

Linking verb examples

Articles of the English language:

Articles of the English language help define or describe a noun. Their are only 3 articles of the English language. These are included below.

Articles of the English language examples:


First, we need to be able to tell what a pronoun is. A pronoun is a word that replace nouns.

A small joke,

A pronoun is a pro at replacing a noun.
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Is "I" a pronoun?

I is a pronoun because in the sentence: Hailey taught the children. Hailey was happy. Instead, I can use I as a pronoun and say: I taught the children. I was happy. In some sentences, a pronoun is definitely needed. It makes awkward sentences not so awkward.

Pronoun examples:

How would you differentiate between a linking verb and an action verb?

Let's review, a linking verb is a verb that gives action that relates to the sentence. A action verb is a verb that implements action. So, the difference is pretty simple. Linking verbs link and help support action. Although, an action verb the the actual action that is supported by the linking verb.