Stephen Hawking

By:Destiny Schulz

Information on his disease

He has a disease called ALS. When he was in the hospital he had a bed by a little boy who had leukemia, the little boy died so whenever he thinks about feeling sorry for himself he thinks about the little boy and thinks that at least it wasn't painful unlike having leukemia.

Facts about his life

He was born on January 8 1942 and he is 71 years old. He's British, and his parents names are Frank and Isobel Hawking. He's married to Jane Wilde and has 3 children. His middle name is William.

He's created lots of books

Some of the books that he made were The Grand Design, A Brief History Of Time, A Briefer History Of Time, George and The Big Bang, The Universe and the Nutshell, George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, On the Shoulders Of Giants, etc.