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Su's Schedule for Weeks of December 14th and January 4th

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Wednesday, December 16th-Flex

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Friday, December 18th-Office

Monday, January 4th-District Professional Learning

Tuesday, January 5th-Office

Wednesday, January 6th-Wellington

Thursday, January 7th-Timber Creek

Friday, January 8th-Flower Mound

What is Flex Time??? Flex time allows me to meet your unique needs-I go where the request is. If you'd like to take advantage of some of my Flex Time please email me!

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Technology Integration Lesson Ideas

Holiday Poetry

How about integrating some writing and technology! Check out the ChatterKid below that incorporates poetry and technology. Look at this art teacher's blog for the beginning of this app smashing idea!

  • Have your students draw Rudolph or choose one of these other "How to Draw" resources to write about winter rather than Christmas.
  • Have them create poetry or a short piece of narrative.
  • Use the iPad to take a picture of their artwork.
  • Insert their image into ChatterKid. Then have them read their poem or story or even have them read a holiday or winter poem for fluency and let ChatterKid record their sweet little voice.
  • Technology TEKS K-2 and 3-5: 1B, 2D
Check out the example below! You can stop there or hang their artwork in the hall with a QR code to their ChattTechnoerKid. You can get the ChatterKid off the iPad using Simple Transfer or Image Capture and then upload into Google Drive. Sound overwhelming? No worries, Email me and I will help you!

Practice Inferring Using Pictures!

Big image

Use Padlet!

Padlet is a quick and easy virtual wall that allows students to express their thoughts on a common topic. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (images, documents, text, links and short videos) anywhere on the page. Since it is a Web 2.0 tool it works on an iPad, Chromebook, PC, Mac, or any device that can access the internet. Padlet can be used in a wide variety of ways. Try it out to give your students some inferencing practice!

  • Find a picture your students could use to infer.
  • Create a Padlet and upload the picture. Check out this example or this one for science.
  • Share the Padlet with your class. Students will double click on the Padlet to add their thinking.
  • Padlet has a good knowledgebase of help.
  • Technology TEKS K-2: 2A, 5A/B, 6B, 6E/F
  • Technology TEKS 3-5: 2C, 5A/E-G, 6E
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Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt

Thank you to Flower Mound Elementary second grade teachers for this great lesson idea! After teaching students about nonfiction text features their students went on a scavenger hunt! Armed with a label for each feature they had learned, small groups searched through a wide variety of nonfiction texts (textbooks, news magazine such as Scholastic News, trade books, Guided Reading books..) to locate examples. Next they used the iPad camera to take pictures of the nonfiction text features they found and used PicKids to create collages. The teachers felt this lesson went very well--students were engaged, collaborative groups provided support and protection from failure, AND because students had multiple familiar texts to look through learning was high. Learning, high engagement, and 21st Century Skills-what a beautiful blend!

ELA TEKS: 2.10A, 2.14D, 2.15D Technology TEKS K-2: 1B, 4C/D

Want to try one of these or something else out but unsure how to do it or want an extra set of hands? I'll help!

Just For Fun!!

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Create a Message From Santa

Fair Warning: This fun idea has nothing to do with school!

Do you have a special little someone in your life who would enjoy a personalized video message from Santa? Visit the Portable North Pole to create a FREE personalized video message from Santa! This website helps you to create a video that includes Santa saying your little one's name, showing photos of them in his magical book, and mentions their good deeds. Just for fun, visit this site and create a special video. Feel free to share this information with parents.

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