John Brown

"Nobody was ever more justly hanged"

Early life of John brown

He was born on May 9,1800 in Torrington, Connecticut. He was a foreman in the family's tannery. He became a conductor in the Underground Railroad.

How Do I Know He Was Against Slavery

How i know he was against slavery is that he said he organized a self-protection league for freedom of color and fugitive slaves. He was against slavery by going were there is slaves and freeing them and giving them guns. He left the night of october 16, 1859 he lead 21 follows on a raid to seize the U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Ten raiders were killed and seven others including brown were captured.

Freed Slaves And Gave Them Guns

The Dead man freed Slaves

Accomplishmants Of John Brown

One of his accomplishments is that he killed many southers that were pro-slavery or slave owners. Another one of his accomplishments is that he was most famous for his raid of Harper's Ferry.