"O" well that escalated quickly


Symbol: O

Atomic Number: 8

Atomic Weight: 15.9994

Group: 16

Period: 8

Color and Classification: Gas: no color, liquid: pale blue

Non- metal

One fifth of the atomosphere, the third most abundant element in the sun, takes part in the Carbon- Nitrogen cycle, two thirds of the human body and nine tenths of water. This element is odorless and tasteless, which is also thankful for the yellow- green and bright red colors in the aurora. Oxygen is a thermal conductor and not reflective, velocity of sound: 317.5 ms-1, density: 1495 kg m-3


Founder(s): Jospeh Priestly and Carl Scheele in England and Sweden 1774

Greek: Oxy- Acid (sharp) Gene- Forming

Air used to be its own element!


Oxy- acetylene welding

Aid respiration of patients

Making methanol and ethane oxide

Rocket fuel

Steel manufacture

Protection against sun's rays (ozone)

and breathing :)

In Our lives...

O2 is necessary for life, and is present in water. High pressures can result in pulmonary changes and ozone (O3- peroxide) is extremely toxic.

In aliens lives...

15% of Mars's atmosphere. Oxygen is responsible for stellar energy production and found in meteorites. Abundance in the universe: 5.9 ppb by atoms. Most abundant in Earth's crust. Ppb by weight in the universe 10000000.
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