childcare worker

by: alexa hernandez

what do they do? whats the schedule?

A childcare worker is someone who cares for children when parents and other family members cant. They care for children's basic needs, like bathing, dressing, and feeding. They care for children in childcare centres, their own house, or the house of the children in their care.


For childcare workers who work at a preschool or daycare, the hours tend to follow normal business hours.. with some additional hours before and after a normal 9 to 5 business day. For those at home workers the hours can go past the regular business hours. The hours could even go overnight, as well as on the weekend . usually in these situations the additional hours will lead to additional "compensation", either money or if its a live at home nanny it goes towards being able to live there.

personality traits?

education requirements and sallary!?!

A childcare worker must have good communication skills, be patient, have a positive attitude, be responsible, have emergency training, be reliable and respectful!

Child care pay is $19,300, or about $9.28 an hour. Same with preschool teachers, whos average is a little more per hour at $10.75 as well as daycare workers whos average is a little less per hour at $8.82. and nannies can earn between $14 and $20 per hour depending on their qualifications!

Many states require childcare centers even in homes, to be licensed. To qualify for licensure, they must pass a background check and have a complete record of immunizations and meet a minimum training requirement. Some states require staff to have certifications in CPR and first aid.