CHS Parent News Letter for January


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Annual Inclement Weather Notice to Parents/Guardians

Education is important and every missed day of school represents lost learning opportunities. However, the Boise School District’s primary concern is for the safety of all students, including students riding busses and walking or biking to school. If students cannot safely travel to school or if schools are not able to operate safely because of city­wide dangerous weather conditions, school may be cancelled.

We will not cancel school on days with normal wintery conditions. Light snowfall, cold mornings or areas of ice are not sufficiently dangerous to force the closure of schools. With proper precautions including appropriate clothing, road deicing, and careful driving, students can travel to and from school safely.

The Boise School District covers over 450 square miles of Ada County. We recognize that conditions vary throughout the District, even from street to street, in some cases. Conditions may be extremely dangerous in one area, while perfectly safe everywhere else. If parents believe it is too dangerous for their children to travel to school they have the option to keep their children home. If school is cancelled, it will be cancelled for the entire District

The most frequent dangerous weather conditions facing Boise schools are:

SNOW: Snow levels within the City of Boise are typically light or moderate. However, there is always the potential for a heavy snowfall to make traveling by vehicle or on foot dangerous. Historically, most snowfall only results in slow traffic and minor accidents throughout the City. Normal snowfalls would not result in school closures.

COLD: Frigid temperatures are more serious than snow when making school closure decisions. On bitterly cold days our concern is for students walking to school. Extremely cold weather also impairs our ability to get busses running, which causes delays in pickup routes, delays which are much more dangerous to riders because of the low temperatures.

ICE: Ice is our most dangerous winter weather condition. Freezing rain and/or refreezing of melted snow make our roads, streets and sidewalks extremely treacherous for pedestrians, and vehicles. Icy conditions may force us to close, even if it appears that no other dangerous conditions exist.

How is the decision made to close or not to close school? Representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, the highway district, city and county law enforcement agencies, and school administrators, including the Superintendent, check the roads and monitor information throughout the night and early morning hours. We confer by telephone early in the morning to reach a decision.

If school will be closed, we will communicate to local radio and television stations to spread the word. We will also email parents, send a text message, and post closure information at and on our Twitter account @BSDEducation. To sign­-up for the District’s emergency text messaging service text SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453. You can also view a short video further explaining our Inclement Weather Procedures by going to and then clicking on the Emergencies tab found under Parents & Patrons > Parent Information.

School Bond Information


On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Boise School District will hold a bond election to reinvest in our neighborhood schools and community with no increase in the current property tax rate.

The bond will:

Address critical school facility problems and student overcrowding now so they don’t cost taxpayers more later

Provide students access to safe modern classrooms and schools

Ensure students graduate college and career ready

Make facility improvements to every school in the District

Learn more at

2nd Semester begins January 23rd

Zero Hour Classes for 2nd Semester

Zero hour classes (AP Macro, Instrumental Jazz, and ROTC) will meet the first day of 2nd semester.


NO SCHOOL FEBRUARY 20th - Presidents' Day

Senior Graduation Date:

May 23rd 2017 at Taco Bell Arena, 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Capital High Class of 2020 Sophomore Orientation Night

All incoming sophomores and parents of the class of 2020 are invited to attend

Capital High School’s Sophomore Open House

Thursday, January 19, 2017

(5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. AVID Informational Meeting for all Sophomore Parents)

from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

  • A short introduction and information meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. in the gymnasium.

  • After this brief introduction, parents and students will be able to investigate the different departments, extra curricular activities and athletics at tables located around the gym floor. It is our hope that these presentations will assist students with their decisions for registration. Teachers, coaches and advisers will be available at tables until 7:30 p.m. to answer any questions and give additional information.

This is an excellent opportunity for students and parents to see what Capital High School has to offer. We hope you will take advantage of this special evening.

AVID Informational Night for incoming Sophomore AVID Parents and parents interested in learning more about AVID is January 19 from 5:30 PM-6:00 PM

Peer Mentoring

"Interested in taking an elective where you work with other students and make great friends? Peer Mentoring is a class where students apply to attend a class period where you will be paired up with students who needs some help in life skills and functional academics. If you would like more info, please contact Shayna Speetjens or your school counselor."

An Event that Brings the University of Idaho to You

Meet the Vandals! Boise

Wednesday, Jan. 25 from 5-8 p.m. at the Boise Center

850 W. Front Street, Boise

If you’ve been admitted to the University of Idaho, or even if you’re still exploring us, Meet the Vandals is a great way for you and your family to get to know us better, without having to travel far from home.

This special one-night event brings the best of the University of Idaho to a location near you. During this fun-filled evening, you’ll come together with other excited Vandals-to-be in your area for the chance to connect in person with the people and programs of the University of Idaho.

Meet the Vandals is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions, get knowledgeable answers, and discover what being a Vandal is all about. Don’t miss it! Learn more and sign up today at:

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CHS Band Information and Concert Dates

Sam Schultz and James Trandem both made All-Northwest Music Honor Groups this year!

Jan 30 is the Band Quad Concert

Feb 28 is the Curtis Stigers Benefit Concert

DECA Information

DECA members will be signing up for State DECA competition to be held March 9-11 $60 fee due by Feb 17th

Capital Debate Team

The Holiday Havoc Debate/Speech Tournament.

Overall, we had a very good showing, but the individual award winners were:

Rachel Edmundson and CF Wurster Gold Medal in Novice Policy Debate

Rachel Edmundson Gold Medal in Novice Retold Story

Natalie Talcott Silver Medal in Novice Sales

Carson Lloyd Honorable Mention in Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Adrianna Ramos Honorable Mention in Novice Retold Story

Jordyn Walhof Honorable Mention in Novice Oratorical Analysis

Drew Holstein Honorable Mention in Novice Oratory

Colston Pilkerton Honorable Mention in Novice Sales

Thank you again for all of your support of the speech and debate team. #debatelikeaneagle #speaklikeaneagle

Capital Lunch Intramurals

Capital High School lunch sports occur during lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We play basketball, volleyball, soccer, and other sports. Everyone with any skill level is welcome and encouraged to come play. Sending your student with a lunch will allow them to get more game time in

Capital Athlete Information

Parents of Capital Athletes,

Before participating in any practice or game, student-athletes must complete the necessary documents required by the Boise School District and the Idaho High School Activities Association. In an effort to reduce the amount of paperwork and go green, the Boise School District has moved to an online electronic version of the required paperwork. The program used by all Athletic Departments is called CSMi SportsWare.

This document provides you with step-by-step instructions on completing all required forms.


● Go to .

● Click "Join Sportsware".

● Enter Capital’s ID: 303.

● Enter the Athlete’s first and last name, the PARENT email address, and select "Capital High School" from the Group pulldown.


● You will receive an email within 24 hours that will welcome you to Sportsware OnLine, and ask you to create a password. Please follow the steps to creating a new password.

● Note: if you have more than one child participating in Capital Athletics, you will have to create a separate password for each child.

● Next login using your email address, and the password you just created. You are now ready to begin the online portion of athletic paperwork.

● You will be directed to the main CSMi SportsWare Athlete Portal page. Near the top of the screen, you will see a black bar with the tabs: MyInfo, Med History, and Forms.

STEP 3 – Athlete Information

● Click on MyInfo.

● Click on the General Tab

● Please fill in all boxes with a RED STAR (*) to the right. These include First Name, Last Name, Class (graduating year), Gender and Birth Date.

● Click on the Address Tab

○ At the tabs near the top of the screen, click "Address".

○ Under Primary Address, please fill in all the boxes with a RED STAR (*)

○ You may, if you wish, fill in information under Secondary Address.

● Click on Emergency Tab

○ Please fill in the RED STAR (*) contact information, including full address and a cell phone number, for both the Primary and Secondary Emergency Contacts.

○ You are NOT limited to just one phone number; please feel free to type in Home and Work as well if they are different from the provided cell phone number.

● Click on the Insurance Tab.

○ Please just fill in the name of your child’s insurance provider. RED STAR (*)

■ This includes “Idaho Medicaid”

■ If there is no insurance, please type in “None” *if you want school/athletics insurance please e-mail me

● Click on the Medical tab.

○ Under “Alerts”, please select or type in any medical conditions and or allergies your child may have.

○ If there are none, please choose “No Known Allergies” for one box and “No Known Med Problems” for the second box.

○ Under the Drugs Taken section, please type in any medications that your child takes regularly. If there are no medications, please type in “None” in the larger of the two boxes.

○ Under the Doctor Section, please type in your Family or Primary Care Physician. If you do not have one, just type in “None.”

Click "Save".

*You will be directed back to the home page.

STEP 4 Athlete Medical History

● Click "Med History" from the black bar near the top of the screen.

● Please answer all medical history questions "yes" or "no". If yes, please comment briefly as indicated to the right side of each question.

Click "Save".

You will be directed back to the home page

STEP 5 – Boise School District Forms

● Click "Forms" from the black bar near the top of the screen.

● Complete the 3 required forms with an electronic signature. This must be the parent’s signature.

○ To complete each form, hit SELECT for the form, then Open.

○ Do this for all 3 forms

● You must fill in all the appropriate boxes and hit the Save and Submit Button once completed in order to reach Capital and be recorded

● You will be prompted to electronically sign (parent signature) after you hit Save and Submit.

○ If you forgot an area, you will be prompted back to the form to complete

You are now finished with your child’s Boise School District Athletic Paperwork!

I know that you may have questions, so please feel free to contact me via email at

Thank you!

Pam Arriola MPE, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer

Capital High School

School Bond Information


On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Boise School District will hold a bond election to reinvest in our neighborhood schools and community with no increase in the current property tax rate.

The bond will fund a 10-year Educational Facilities Master Plan that:

  • Addresses our schools’ most pressing needs regarding poor condition, overcrowding and improving educational adequacy while ensuring every school receives attention.

  • Makes significant facility improvements today while preparing for the educational needs of students well into the future.

  • Is accountable, addressing critical school facility problems now so they don't cost taxpayers more later.

  • Provides students with access to safe, modern classrooms and schools that reflect best practices and technology - ensuring students graduate career and college ready.

  • Demonstrates a thoughtful balance between hard data, demographic and enrollment projections and the input from parents, patrons, staff and students.

  • Serves as a clear reflection of our community's commitment to high-quality neighborhood schools.

Learn more at