Laughter! (& Essential Questions)

May 7, 2015

Essential Questions DUE May 8th!

CELEBRATE: Moving Forward

The follow students have already successfully identified Essential Questions for their Final Project: Aja, Amelia, Aziza, Cassey, Chris, Heather, Jasmine, Josefina, Kerstin, Matt, Melina, Rebecca, Rubi M, Ryan, Sophie, and Wendi If I asked you to refine your question, please don't delay!

INSTRUCT: Laughter - The Best Medicine?

Check out this Clip about humans and how laughter has evolved over time:

Humans may be the only species that appreciates jokes, but we inherited the response—laughter—from our closest relatives. Meet researchers who are tickling baby chimps, bonobos, and gorillas to record their giggles. In the process, they’re uncovering the deep evolutionary roots of laughter and what it tells us about the social bonds that hold us together.

Can Laughter Therapy help to reverse Illness?

Another interesting application:

Illnesses reversed: Laughter therapy

What is an Essential Question?

What do I submit?

  • You need to present an essential question (or 2 or 3), which is essentially a topic about which you want to present.
  • Simply choosing a topic like sleep deprivation or eating disorders is too general - what is it about the topic specifically do you wish to share? Think about causes, environmental factors, genetic factors, how it affects a specific demographic group and why, innovative ways to alleviate the issue, etc.

Think about how much information you can realistically cover in the requirements for your Powerpoint - you need a topic that is manageable, but with enough available information to present well.

Why more than one?

  • The reason for multiple questions is in case your first choice (or second) has already been selected by someone else.

I will post topics already selected tomorrow.

INFORM: Final Project is Open!

Rather than taking a Final Exam in your course, you will complete a Final Project - which has multiple steps and multiple items to submit! Remember, however, that the grade you earn on this Project counts 25% of your ENTIRE grade for the course. It is a great opportunity to pull up your grade.

Don't miss items or skip the assignments - because it can also impact your grade negatively, if you don't fulfill the requirements.

Items to submit:

  • Essential Question submission (assignment grade for 4th grading period)
  • Outline and Works Cited (Essay test grade for 4th grading period)
  • Discussion board post of PowerPoint presentation, plus comments on classmates' projects (assignment grade for 4th grading period)
  • PowerPoint project (Final Exam grade - 25% of the grade for the ENTIRE COURSE!)
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Spring Student Survey

Hello Students!

NCVPS is seeking your feedback as we continue to review and revise our processes and services. Please take a moment to complete the survey form below. Your feedback is very important!

You are being asked to participate in this survey because, as a student, you are in a unique position to provide feedback on what you learned from the experience, supply information about our program, and offer suggestions for improvement.

This online survey will take about ten-fifteen minutes to fill out and asks you to rate your experience in your most recent NCVPS course.

Please complete the survey no later than Wednesday, May 13, 2015.


Please provide feedback specific to the course in which you are responding.

Link to the survey:

Thank you!