Karl Freidrich Benz

Inventor of the modern Automobile

November 5th, 1844 - April 4th, 1929

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Family life

Karl was married on July 20th, 1872 to Bertha Ringer. Together they had five children; 2 sons and 3 daughters, named Eugen, Richard, Clara, Ellen, and Thilde.

First Automobile

Karl's first automobile that was run by an internal combustion engine was a three wheeled vehicle constructed in 1871. He later returned to the traditional 4 wheeled carriage, and made better sales because of it.

Automobile changes history

The Automobile made getting people, goods or merchandise from place to place a lot faster than walking or traveling by horse. The "car" was also controlled by you, unlike a train, which benefited to many people in the late 19th century. Karl founded Benz and company, an automobile company that commercially sold cars to the public and made many lives easier.
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The first engine in the new Automobile

  • First ran on New Years Eve, 1879
  • One cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • 0.50 Horsepower
Carl Benz

Two seater high speed car engine specifications

  • Single cylinder, four stroke combustion engine
  • 0.75 Horsepower
  • Automatic intake slide, controlled exhaust valve
  • Electric ignition with a spark plug
  • Completed in 1885

Benz today

Karl Benz passed away on April 4th, 1929 in his home. He is remembered today, with his company, Mercedes-Benz, still thriving in the Automotive industry. They are breaking out with cutting-edge new technology in their cars, including a heartbeat sensor inside the steering wheel that can sense if you are having a stroke. The sensor will call an ambulance and will assist in pulling you to the side of the road.