Music Therapist

Job Description

Music Therapists use music to help their patients address any social, physical and emotional issues. They work with people who have eating disorders, addictions, communication problems and many other disorders or illnesses.


To be a professional music therapist you must have Bachelor's degree or higher in musical therapy.


In 2014, the overall average salary reported by all music therapists surveyed was $50,808. The overall median salary reported in 2014 was $46,000 and the overall most commonly reported salary was $40,000. In 2014 salaries reported ranged from $20,000 to $200,000.


Appalachian State University

Berklee College of Music

East Carolina University

Expected Outcome

Government agencies are now becoming more aware of musical therapy so the job opportunities are expanding. They are now offering music therapy in hospice care, special education programs, pain and stress management clinics, oncology treatment centers, and many more.
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