Andrew Jackson

Hero.... or Villain

There's a lot of discussion about whether or not Andrew Jackson should be honored as a hero and be given the title, "Greatest U.S. President Ever", or looked down upon and criticized for being a Villain

I personally believe Andrew Jackson should be considered a Villain. I think this way because, well frankly, he was a JERK. He forced harmless American Indians out of their homes and sent them on the deadly journey known as the Trail of Tears. Another reason I think he should be criticized is because he had a Hot temper. I don't think its right that the leader of our country could "Blow Up" at any given time. Leaders are supposed to set a good example.

Another discussion that is brought up when talking about Jackson is Democracy.

Although he kind of "Invented" Democracy, i don't believe he promoted it. My idea of Democracy is that the government is run fairly and that all peoples ideas are considered. Jackson did neither of those. He ignored the Supreme Court ruling on whether or not the US bank was Constitutional or not. Even though many people disagreed with the idea of forcing American Indians to leave towards the west, Mr.J did it anyway. he also did what is commonly called the "Spoils System", which proves that the government wasn't being run fairly.

Jared Ness,,

Andrew Jackson, Hero or villain.... I say Villain.