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Life is a Great Balancing Act… Especially During a LONG and COLD Winter!

Injuries resulting from slip/falls on compact snow and ice are up 300% this year in School Districts served by the NCW Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund.

On February 2, 2016, three weather predicting experts offered conflicting forecasts regarding the arrival of spring. Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring; whereas Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck and Michigan’s Woody the Woodchuck both forecasted 6-MORE weeks of winter weather!

TIPS TO AVOID SLIPPING ON SNOW & ICE..., just in case Buckeye Chuck & Woody the Woodchuck are right!

Wear sensible footwear with slip-resistant soles & good tread.

Use traction gripping devices, i.e., YakTraxs - they:

  • Take less than a minute to slide on over your boots or shoes.
  • Are recommended for anyone working outside on snow or ice, including para educators supervising students before/after school & during recess, bus drivers during pre/post-trip inspections, custodial/maintenance personnel, security staff patrolling parking lots, etc.

Step slowly & hold onto the vehicle for support when entering & exiting vehicles.

Step slowly & hold onto the vehicle for support when entering & exiting vehicles.

Do the penguin shuffle… extend your arms to the side, point your toes outward slightly and SLOWLY shuffle your feet. Your hands may get cold, but you’ll need your arms to help restore your balance if you slip.

Avoid sudden changes in direction and running or walking briskly.

Use handrails to help you keep your balance.

If you think you’re approaching a particularly slick are, stop & explore the area with your toe to see how slippery it is BEFORE you put your full weight on the area.

Carry a small bottle filled with cat litter to spread on icy patches if needed.

Watch for slippery floors when entering buildings.

Last but not least, if you lose your balance & fall, try to tuck & rolltuck your body, lift your head, pull your arms and knees in, and avoid trying to break the fall with a hand. Reaching out with your hand as you fall can result in a broken wrist!

“Be sure when you step, step with CARE and GREAT tact! And, remember that Life’s a Great Balancing ACT!”

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