Rally Time!!!

you guys are amazing!!!


So I am sending this without Kelly knowing ;) But you guys have an amazing leader for your team, I am insanely proud of how Kelly has spread our mission and lead you to success from South Korea! I mean how committed is that??!!

So she is incredibly close to promoting to Sr. Manager, and that is a great thing for all of you as well! When Kelly promotes, it really puts your team on Corporate's radar. Sr. Manager is a big accomplishment and they love to support and reward teams that get here with more training and recognition. It is such an amazing team accomplishment and Beautycounter is all about the team effort we have to effect change!

Your team needs only $1,000 in sales over the next 2 days in order to hit this milestone. There are 9 of you so that is jut over $100 each. I challenge you to reach out and get some of those last minute sales for the weekend to make it happen! You guys can so do this!!!!

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This weekend is still a great opportunity to launch a new consultant. They can benefit by getting their check next week with their commission from their check, if they hit $500 they get a $100 product credit next week and if they hit $750 they will get the Jet Set bag collection as well!! ($80 value)

So that is a great way to grow your own team as well!! Please reach out if I can help you in anyway! Again I have the opportunity event this afternoon in Traverse City. Check our team page for info, and good luck girls!!!

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