Kinder Corner

Week of January 16-20

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100th Day of School Milestone


As the 100th Day of School approaches, we wanted to share a few things with you.

*Students are asked to complete a project to present on the 100th Day. A yellow note explaining more about this project is coming home today. Please look for it in your child's folder.

*We will be dressing up as 100-year old versions of ourselves on Friday, February 3rd, and will have a parade through the school with 1st grade at 8:00 AM. You are welcome to stand in the hallways and watch - it will almost be too much cuteness to handle! : )

*On the 100th day of school, we will be more than 1/2 way through Kindergarten. This means we've arrived at a stage in which we expect, and your child can show, more independence. Classroom behavior can either support or detract from your child's learning experience at school. We have ramped up our behavioral expectations this semester, because we all want your child to get the most out of school. Please help support us at school by fostering more independent behavior at home. For example:

  • Give them a job to do at home - one which they can do completely independently, and expect them to do it each day.
  • Set expectations along with consequences (both positive and negative). When a behavior occurs, please follow through with your family's consequence consistently.
  • Emphasize respect. Expect your child to listen to your (and other adults') directions the first time and minimize negotiations and discussions after a consequence has been decided upon.

Thank you SO much!

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Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts/Social Studies:

-Unit theme: Friends

-Letter: Hh

-Sight word: are

-Word family: __ug

-Position words


Different methods of problem solving