Newsletter Week 3 Term 1

St Peter's College 25th February 2022


Kia ora e te whanau

I want to start this newsletter by first thanking everyone in our community for how this week has gone. Thank you to our students for continuing to step up, wear their masks correctly and lead in whanau classes. Thank you to our parents and caregivers for communicating with us any concerns or absences and for supporting your students to be safe and follow the hygiene rules at school. Thank you to our staff for teaching the students in front of them while providing schoolwork online for those who are away. The whole St Peter’s College community is stepping up to support each other and this is great to see. Since coming back home to live here, I am reminded constantly that Southlanders never tap out - we keep going!

Classes are really settled now, we have gotten through the senior option changes and our new students have had opportunities to get to know the school and its systems better. There is a lot going on in the community with Covid at the moment and we will keep you updated, as we have done, when we got a single case in the school this week. We want to stress to you that it is business as usual at school, we have safety measures in place, classes are functioning, and school is open.

When times are hard, it helps to reflect on who our neighbours are and remind ourselves that it is a fundamental right for all human beings to be treated with dignity and respect despite the fact we may have differing views and beliefs. We know this from our Christian tradition and specifically from the teachings of Jesus himself. In response to the question of which is the most important commandment, Jesus answered:

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Matthew 22:37-40

Our common humanity means we are all neighbours to one another. Look after each other and have a great weekend.

Charity Fulfils the Law.

Tara Quinney


School Accounts and Payment

We have received many payments already for items or donations that correspond with the start of year forms that were issued at the end of last year. Items on these forms will not be loaded onto Edge school accounts until they are returned to school and the timetable settles, usually around the beginning of March. Please ensure your child brings their completed form back to the school office as we cannot load the accounts without this information. Please also make sure their name is clearly written on the form – we have a lot returned with no name.

Until the items are charged to accounts, most payments received will sit on the account as an unallocated credit until such time as the items are entered and the payments are then allocated. This is a very complicated and lengthy task and we appreciate your patience as we endeavour to ensure that all school accounts are correct. Request for payments will be emailed by the end of March when the student accounts are up to date.

We appreciate all the payments received to date. If you would like to make regular automatic payments throughout the year, we encourage this. The school’s bank account details are as follows:

St Peter’s College BOT

12 3434 0012635 000

Reference: Your child’s name

If there is a specific item you would like to pay for, please also use this in the reference. Otherwise, we will allocate the payment at our discretion. If you have more than one child you are paying for, we encourage you to have separate payments for each child to ensure correct payment allocation. Please also update any existing automatic payment references with the correct reference details, particularly if one child has now left school.

Prior Year Overdue Accounts

If you have previous years chargeable items on your school account that have not been paid, we would appreciate these please being paid now. All sport and uniform related charges are goods and services already paid for by the school and as such are chargeable and recoverable items that will be followed up in our usual school process for payment.

Camp and Trip Donations

Providing school camps and trips to our school community is heavily reliant on donations being made by parents/caregivers towards the expenses of organising these. Without financial donations for each attending student, the school would simply not be in a position to provide the outdoor experiences in our amazing own backyard that we have always had the privilege of being able to undertake. As well as Deep Cove and Borland camps, some subjects also have trips included in the donation amount and without these those subjects would not be in a position to offer these amazing experiences.

Tax Credit Donation Receipts

You will be able to claim a tax credit after you have paid your donations, from Inland Revenue at the end of the tax year. You can find more information at We are happy to issue a donation payment receipt for this purpose on request; however our process for this is completely manual so we ask for patience with these requests.

Paula Robertson

Executive Officer

Start of Year Forms

Please return your start of year forms to the school office ASAP. We need student information sheets back regardless if there are changes or not. Could you also please remember to write your child's name on the forms, particularly the stationery forms. Thank you.

School Uniform - Lost Property

Please remember its essential to name all of your child's school uniform and belongings if you would like lost items returned.

Career Pathways Department

This week a number of students undertook First Aid. This is a valuable tool for students planning on going out to work as well as a useful certificate to have going into the workforce. Dean Lightenberg from the Red Cross delivers our First Aid course. His experience and teaching are so valuable for our students undertaking this programme.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, student pictures, apprenticeships, part time jobs and student successes all at:


The Vision Hearing Technicians from the Population Health team, Southern District Health, will be visiting school to screen all Year Seven students for distance vision on Tuesday, 22nd March, at 11.10am.

Distance Vision (Amblyopia & Hyperopia)

This determines how well your child is able to see at a distance. It involves reading an eye chart.

(This free vision check is not required if the student wears glasses and/or is currently under care of an optometrist or eye specialist).

If you do not wish your child to be screened please fill out an opt-out slip, which are available at the school office before our visit.

Whānau time

Whānau classes take off!

You should have received a letter and perhaps a phone call already from your son or daughter’s Whānau teacher introducing themselves and explaining a little about how the St Peter’s College Whānau programme works within the school.

This introduction is just the start of what we hope will be a long and close relationship between the parents, students and Whānau teachers. As you may remember, Whānau classes meet regularly for 15 minutes every day this term, they’re made up of students from Years 7-13 and each class has 2 Whānau teachers. The role of a Whānau teacher also differs with the emphasis being on developing an on-going relationship with the ākonga/students and supporting them throughout their time at St Peter’s. Some of the things we know is that when ākonga/students are known well and have a chance to develop a significant relationship with at least one staff member in a school, they are more resilient, learn better and develop better socio-emotional skills.

Teachers and students have leapt into these new classes and roles with great enthusiasm and it is exciting to hear the connections being made right throughout the school and from all ages.

Typical activities during Whānau time include challenging other classes to competitions, sharing and ‘getting to know you’ games, seniors helping juniors with sports entries, and much much more. While often it’s the senior students that organise and lead activities, it’s common for younger students with particular skills or interests to take over and ‘be the expert’. It really is fantastic to see everyone joining in and laughing and smiling. We look forward to these connections and special moments continuing to grow as the weeks and months unfold. As time goes by, your Whānau teachers will get to know your children really well and will be great people to start with if you are needing help or support of any kind.

Nga mihi nui

Darren Jack

Deputy Principal

International Student

This is Anderson Lee, one of our International Year 13 students 2021, away to Knox College at Otago University, to study for a Bachelor of Commerce. Good luck Anderson.

McKye's first Riding for the Disabled visit

This was McKye Storer's first visit to RDA and he had a great time riding in the cart.


Please feel free to send in any of your child's sporting achievements if you would like them to appear in the newsletter. Email them to

Well done to Mary Salvana, Year 12

Mary was invited to trial for the Basketball New Zealand U17 squad at Timaru which she attended last Saturday, 12th February.

Waterskiing Championships

The Championships were held on Sunday, 20th February. St Peter's College had two competitors who both skied very well. MacLean Sharp won the Under 16 championship class for Otago Southland and Conner Sharp was placed 3rd in the same class.

Tennis Tournament

Photo from left: Hannah Hargest, Olivia Kortbaoui, Nia Robertson and Charleigh Sanson.

All had a great day at the Tennis tournament in Invercargill on Wednesday, 23rd February.

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Southland Triathlon, originally 25th February, has been postoned.

Eastern Primary Athletics and Southland Primary Athletics have been postponed until November.

Cricket - Starting the week of the 22nd of February

(click the words above for the link).

Southland swimming champs - Sunday, 13th of March. Please fill in the form to enter.

Click here for permission form

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Coming up.......

Cricket competition starts - Week of the 22nd February

Southland Touch Championships - Wednesday, 2nd March

Year 12 PE Surf Camp - 6th - 8th March

School PickUp

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