Ben Roethlisberger

By: Joseph Silver


He was born on March 2, 1982, in Lima, Ohio. Ben's childhood was not an easy one. His parents divorced when he was tow years old. Ben's mom was killed in a car accident when he was 8. Ben grew up in Findlay a small city in northwestern Ohio. He lived with dis dad Ken, His stepmom, Brenda, and his younger sister, Carlee.

Background symbolisum

I picked this background because Ben always tried and worked his hardest on what ever he wanted to accomplish in life. He had a really rough childhood, he lived in a very small city with not a lot of things to to do so whatever Ben did he made sure he did it right.

Pick 3

1. Ben was a natural athlete, he was good at everything, Basketball, Football. " He has a lot of god given talent" said his 5th grade coach.
2. Ben was really good at football his senior year he threw for 4,041 yards. He also accomplished 54 touchdown passes.
3. When Ben was given the 3rd string role, he was ok with that, one game the first string quarter back got hurt then the second the Ben was up and he sealed the win to the Steele's.


When Ben played football in collage he was very well known and very good. After collage he wanted to go pro. He got his chance the steelers picked him to play for them. When he stared play he lead the steelers to a super bowl and won super bowl XL.


Bens family and his teammates were mist like the biggest helpful mentor. His teammates will and would have pushed him to his limits to make him better and make the whole team better. His family would be the people at games or watching him and say you can do it, beat them Ben do it.


Ben's fun came to a scary end in June 2006. He was enjoying riding his motorcycle, when he crashed into a car. Ben was not wearing a helmet. His head hit the car's windshield. Ben suffered so serious injuries.


Ben won the first event super bowl for the Steelers, then won super bowl XL against the Broncos. Ben got the award of AP offensive rookie of the year in 2004. Ben also got the Best play ESPY award. Ben also became the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

Hobbies and interests

Ben like to fix bikes and take them out for a spin. Ben like to hunt, cookout, camping, riding atv's. He also enjoyes playing golf, and going fishing. Ben also likes being outside and having fun won't his freinds.


Ben's symbol would be his logo because I think he is trying his hardest he did not have much growing up and al he wanted was to be a star and his logo has a star on it and I think that he has achieved his goals, it say's in my book that where every he went he got congratulated so I think that he has reached his goal.

At becoming a star.

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I would want him to my freinds because I am a big fans of camping and I also like to ride atv's. Every sense I was little I wanted to ride a motorcycle and he like the ride then to. I also playing golf. And we both like hanging out with friends.

Most like

Ben Roethlisberger is most like my dad. They both enjoy motorcycles, they both like fishing, camping, and golfing. They would get along so well because they have so many thing in common.


I think Ben would be a altruist because he is very kind he helps our people cause he can. He helps his teammates become better player with new a improved plays. He also dose charity to help out other people in need.

Collage football

In collage Ben was a super star by his senior year. In 2003 NFL scouts were giving him marks they loved his size and his powerful arm. In 2002 season was amazing he threw a total of 3,238 yards and 22 touchdowns.