Home of the lost pines


the attractions in bastro reflect on the small little town. there are things from the movies to the state park. yet the attractions in bastrop are diffrent from others because they are either in bulidings from the 1830's to buildings that are brand new. for example on mainstreet there are many places for  you to shop and to get cupcakes or old fashioned icecream. the attractions in bastrop are a reflection on the town they show and represent that the town is friendley. it also shows that it may be a small town but it has a lot of joy, kindness, and old way of doing things to go around.

Small town history

Bastrop is considered the most historical small town in Texas. Bastrop is so historic because of many reasons but there are mainly three that I want to point out. The first reason is because the town is named after Baron De Bastrop, who was also a thief. It was named after him because he was a close friend to Stephen f. Austin. The second reason is that the people have played a very helpful hand in Texas history. There were people who fought in the Alamo, and even the battle of San Jacinto. One last thing that the people did is sign the Texas deceleration of independence. The very last thing on why Bastrop is important to our history is because it was almost the capital.