Codologie Showcase!

Ross, Stoddard, Ponderosa

Hi, all!

This is it, next week is our Codologie showcase! Here's all the info you need to know.

FYI, I do my very best to make it to every showcase, BUT all 3 single track schools are doing their showcases at the same time, so I'll be jumping around. Tracks A and D, I'll be able to stick around more since you're the week after the others.

Before the Showcase

Make sure students have completed their presentation and know how to pull it up. Please make sure they have 1 Chromebook per team at the showcase so they can present.

At the end of the showcase, students will write positive/constructive feedback about other teams' projects - you may want to have a conversation about appropriate feedback. I've got 1 copy per team prepared.

During the Showcase

There's a 20-minute block for setup, but we encourage students to arrive before school (at Ross, during lunch) to start setting up. We almost always have tech issues to deal with.

As classes come in, please ask the visiting teacher to divide their class into how many teams you have, and please help escort those groups each to a team. Have your students present to those small groups. Keep an eye on your teams, and when it seems appropriate, call the group together to give instructions for the visitors to rotate to the next group. I think it's easiest to have them find the next number on the hanging signs, but whatever works for you!

The last time slot is the peer review block. At this time, the mentors will give each team a feedback T-Chart and a different-colored pen (for accountability). We'll have the teams rotate to the other projects to give feedback. They won't hear each other's presentations, just comment on the project.

If you want to give the project a grade, I did make this rubric, but I think the showcase might be too hectic of a place for you to try to do it there.

After the Showcase

There's a 20-minute block after the last class leaves. If you can, please try to get all components removed from the projects and organized back into their containers. It's your choice whether you would like to hold onto the dioramas for Open House, or if you just want to send them home. However, please do NOT take projects out of the room if they still have wires, LEDs, buttons, breadboards, Raspberry Pi, etc attached to them.

There is one more week of school after the showcase. I know this week gets crazy. If you would like to cancel Codologie, that is fine with me (but check with your admin). Otherwise, I can talk to the mentors about having some kind of 1-day, relaxed engineering and/or team-building challenge for that day. Please let me know what you would prefer!

Finally, if you are thinking of re-shuffling your teams, now is a great time to do it!