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Welcome Back, Learning Coaches! Hope Your Break Was Refreshing!

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OHVA Testing Info for Parents!

Info is a click away! Check out the schedule, typing tools, principal letters, and more.

Student State Testing Resources

Available state testing resources for students and practice tests.


LC's, if you have updated your student's re-registration status by Thursday, April 5, he/she will be entered into a drawing to win a Barnes & Noble gift card. Don't delay, log in and update their registration status to: Registering, Not Registering or Undecided by April 5! Find the info you need here: http://www.tinyurl.com/OHVARe-Reg2018 **30 winners!**
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OHVA Picnics kick off our school year...can you believe it is almost time to close it out with our amazing Celebration Days?

Celebration Days 2018 will be popping up all over our wonderful State during the month of May. Keep an eye out for these on our school calendar.

These events are a time for our K-12 students and their families to gather and celebrate the 2017-18 school year. OHVA faculty and staff cannot wait to see each and every family at an event near them.

Events are planned so all ages are targeted and engaged.

We hope every family will make Celebration Days 2018 an end of the year priority! We promise, once you experience one, you will never miss a Celebration Day!

Inspiring Learners for Life Takes Action!

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As a Learning Coach, have you ever been tempted to take away some type of physical activity if your student does not get school done? We’ve all been there. Have we not?

Truth is: Students who are slacking, fidgeting, unmotivated, mopping, unfocused are in the most need of activity!

In my experience both as a teacher and parent, I became convinced of the connection between moving and learning. So, I developed a professional thirst to understand the educational benefits of physical activity for students.

As I started researching kinetic learning, my research has been enriched and guided by an acquaintance who is a brain specialist at Yale. I have also followed a program being implemented in Naperville, Illinois where students have enrolled in an exercise regime based on the book Spark by John J. Ratey, MD (a great read) and presented in the video below.

Bottom line, Regular, sweaty exercise helps us think better by stimulating new brain cell growth, increasing connections between cells, and improving attention. Why not give these advantages to our children? An hour of vigorous exercise per day will allow your children to focus better in school and while studying. Exercise allows them to retain more information. And, as a great side effect, exercise will even out their moods, improve sleep patterns, and build self-confidence.

That sums up my years of research. So as the weather warms, get outside to jump in puddles, ride bikes, go for walks in between hitting the books. And as you look forward to next year, think of ways to incorporate spurts of activity throughout the day all year long.

An active student is an engaged student!


Ohio's Learning Standards & State Testing

Ohio's Learning Standards are assessed on Ohio's state achievement tests. To learn more about what your student needs to know, check out these amazing Parent Guides for Student Success.
Apple App for State Standards

Download this app on an Apple device to help your student prepare for state testing.

‘I Love Public School at Home’ Contest

There are many reasons for choosing to attend a public school at home, and this year’s I Love Public School at Home Contest offers families the opportunity to share their reason. Maybe you’re a military family on the move, or your child is an athlete in training or needs to work at his or her own pace. Whatever the reason, now’s your chance to share the impact a K12-powered education has had on your family by creating and submitting a video telling us why you love public school at home. And just for entering, you’ll receive a FREE T-shirt! Here’s an example of what we’re looking for:

National Learning Coach Programming Coming Soon!

K12 will soon be hosting special online events for Learning Coaches. These events will show up in the Online School (OLS). We know our Learning Coaches will be excited to take advantage of these opportunities. Topics include understanding Snapchat, reducing stress and managing time. See dates and details below.
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eQUIP is specifically designed to help Learning Coaches successfully educate their Ohio Virtual Academy students.