6th Grade Newsletter

October 2015

General Announcements

  • October 15 - Early Release
  • October 16 - Teacher Workday
  • October 23 - Dance 5:30-7:30
  • October 26 - 1st Quarter Reward
  • October 29 - Early Release, Student Led Conference, Report Cards
  • October 30 - Teacher Workday

Langauge Arts

Mr. Brooks

The past few weeks Mr Brooks' language arts classes been engaged in numerous activities and methods. Students have reviewed proper nouns, contractions, and using apostrophes to show ownership. They have also jumped feet first into vocabulary working with the classroom interactive word wall. This week we will begin our first novel; Touching Spirit Bearwhich I guarantee will be a favorite.

Some dates to remember:

Newsela due every Friday

Media Center Genre Book Project due Oct 13

Mrs. Dyson

In Mrs. Dyson's Lang. Arts classes we continue to read Touching Spirit Bear. Students made chapter notes using illustrations and wrote a brief summary for each chapter read. Students continue to work on submitting their NewsELA assignments via Google Classroom. This is a new way for many to complete assignments, and they have been doing a great job.

Mrs. Kerr

In Mrs. Kerr's language arts class, students are reading Touching Spirit Bear, and having great discussions about the main character, Cole Matthews. Cole's personality was explored as students wrote a descriptive paragraph.


Mrs. Lowery

Some of Mrs. Lowery's classes turned in a Restaurant Menu Project this week to help wrap up our decimals unit. Classes have also been working hard on Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. Students are now moving on to operations with fractions. We will focus on mostly multiplying and dividing fractions. Next week, we will do a hands-on activity that involves recipes, cooking, and fractions!

Mr. Strickland

Mr. Strickland's Math class had a fun time "ordering takeout" from the Hamburger Hut menu. Our class used real-world decimal activities by adding/subtracting items from their food orders. We then moved to factors and multiples to prepare for our upcoming unit entitled Fractions: Parts of a Whole.


Mrs. Baldwin

Sixth grade science students are exploring the universe! We are looking at early space programs and current events such as the recent discoveries on Mars. Ms.Baldwin's class will begin research in class next week in preparation for an "alien project."

Mr. Strickland

Mr. Strickland's Science class has been exploring the future of space exploration by researching it's past. From ancient astronomers to the Hubble telescope, our class has enjoyed learning about how human curiosity has led to amazing discoveries. We had hoped to make a discovery of our own this month as we prepared for the supermoon eclipse, but the weather had other plans. Continuing with the theme of space exploration, we will next look to our neighboring planets.

Social Studies

Mr. Brooks

Each day students work with an Atlas on reviewing, sharpening, and gaining essential map skills. We have worked with scale to measure distance and discussed the difference between a political and physical map. This week we are discussing the field of archaeology and how the discoveries of artifacts have given us insight into ancient cultures. Later this week we will get into prehistory.

Our first civilization of study, Mesopotamia, is right around the corner.

Remember, 5 themes project is due Friday, October 9th!

Mrs. Smith

In Mrs. Smith's Social Studies classes we have learned map skills, reviewed the Continents and Oceans and completed a project on the Five Themes of Geography. We will now discuss what makes a civilization and then begin our study of the first ancient civilization, Mesopotamia.

A message from Mrs. McPherson - School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. McPherson, our School Counselor, is gathering some information about your experiences with the Counseling Center. Please take some time to answer these ten short questions:


Your children should have brought home a flyer from our School Counselor highlighting some morning meetings called "Coffee with the Counselor". We wanted to be sure all of you received this. Come have some coffee and good conversation with Mrs. McPherson before going off to work. Meetings will be held in the Media Center from7:45-8:45.

Friday, November 20th-- Understanding My Teen’s Technology

Friday, January 15th- Preparing Your 8th Grader for High School

Friday, March 11th- Getting My Child Involved This Summer

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1st Quarter Reward - Corn Maze

On October 26, students who have not received any referrals or Fs during the first quarter will be traveling to Yadkin County and enjoying a day away from school! Here, students will have an assortment of fun "fall" activities such as Maize Maze, Pumpkin Blaster, Corn Box, etc. We always encourage good behavior and want your child to be recognized. Permission slips and more information will be sent home soon.