Jimmy Valentines

A Mototive For Change

Before and After

Jimmy was a crook that opened safes and robbed the bank. When he went to this one bank he fell in love when he met this girl in first sight. After he fell in love with the girl he started to change the way he had acted. Then this one day he was being watched by Ben price while he was thinking about opening a safe that had a little girl trapped. At last he made the decision to open the safe and let the girl out of it.

Summarize of Jimmy Valentine


Jimmy was a horrible guy in the beginning of the story. He would usually rob banks to steal money. after being a crook he met a girl that he had fell in love with. from being in love he began acting a lot more friendly and nice and being more honest. Jimmy went to this one bank when he hears a girl cry for help and when he gets there he uses his tool to help get agatha out of the safe unharmed.

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