The Secrets of Italy

Written By: Jenna Guthrie, Pictures by: Google

Introduction to Italy.

Italy- the land of foods and fine wines. Beautiful cities and roman architecture. Rolling hills and valleys. Or a place where hundreds of Americans are deployed every month. Land of foods and fine wines, and home of America's braver people.

Geography of Italy

Italy, by far, is less mountainous the Greece. But they do share the hills. Though slight, it can be considered mountainous, Italy does have tall, and famous mountains, like Dolomite, Mont Blanc, and Parrotspitze being the most famous, but it is still semi-flat allowing for many famous cities. It also is secluded from water in most cities, except Venice, which has rivers for roads!

Known for art- Culture

Italy is known for it's beautiful art, and how the Renaissance originated there. Though it's history is filled with beautiful cultures, it is an awe for many today. Their culture and customs are based around family. For instance, the car companies Fiat and Benetton are Italian, family owned and operated, companies

A Long History

From Rome to The Renaissance

Rome was the first great civilization in Italy (or first recorded). The legend of how Rome came to be is how two brothers were sent to a river, as babies, to be drowned by their king. A she wolf took them in and raised them. A hunter killed the wolf, and brought the boys back. They found the river, and saw hills on either side. One named Romulus went to one side, while the one named Remus took the other. Romulus was angry at his brother and killed him, taking both sides of the river- thus, Rome. Then, the roman empire began. Many great Emperors lived in this time. Julius Caesar led the Romans into battle, and fought like a true warrior. He conquered many a land, and did not turn their people to slaves. Instead the people became citizens and their cultures were incorporated into Roman cultures.