Scenario #3

Andrew, Felicity, Vincent, Guadalupe


Esmerelda's period is late so she decides to take a pregnancy test. It's positive. Congratulations! Her boyfriend Miguel does not want anything to do with the baby and refuses to see her again.


Morning After Pill


I would hope not but abortion

have the baby

What does this means if it happens to you?

might be a single mother

might have to drop out of school

need money so work

won't have any free time


Hardly any sleep


Is this a HEALTHY relationship?

No, this is not a healthy relationship because it takes two to tangle. If a guy thinks he is ready to have sex then he should know his consequences. No one wants to have a kid as a kid so don't have sex.

Sex now-a-days....

Most kids who have sex do it to "fit in" or out of lust. No kid knows the meaning of love.