The Forest Brothers

Mike Sellmyer

where they lived

they dug with shovels and made a deep hole with stairs and a big room. this is where they slept ate and lived their lives. they where cramped in the hole but they got it all to their selves because their was not a lot of them. they had a cot (small bed on the floor) and some sort of table/desk last of all a small candle.

How they fought back

the anti-soviet soldiers also know as the forest brothers use special tactics to rebel agents the soviets and the Germans. the reasons went from self defense to organized troops engaging in battle agents the soviets and sometimes the Germans.
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who they where

they where Estonian people that where threw with all of the Germans and soviets telling people what to and killing those who did not obey. they where men who lived in the forests and that way they lived with some sort of freedom.