Maths - numberlines

For KS1

Using a numberline can help you with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Watch the video to learn about numberlines.

This pdf will show you different types of numberlines

These pdf sheets will show you how to use a numberline

Subtracting numbers using a numberline

Have a go at the following problems using a numberline

Problem 1

3 children are playing a game. 4 children come to join in. How many children are playing altogether?

Problem 2

6 eggs are in an egg box. Grandma bakes a cake with 4 of them. How many are left?

Problem 3

There are 2 children sitting in the park. They are sharing 10 sweets equally between them. How many sweets do they get each?

Problem 4

3 teachers give out 3 Superstar Awards each at the Friday worship. How many certificates were given out altogether?

Problem 5

Jodie's big brother is 15. Sam's big sister is 5 years older than his brother. How old is Jodie's big sister?

Problem 6

The farmer has 4 cows and 2 sheep. How many legs do these animals have altogether?

Problem 7

A man went shopping with a £10 note. He bought 5 loaves for £1 each and 2 fishes for £2 each. How much change did he get?

Problem 8

There are 25 pencils in a pack. Mrs Fell divides the pencils between Anna, Bella, Cameron, Daniel and Ethan. How many pencils did each person get?

Problem 9

Mr and Mrs Burnell want to buy a puppy. The puppy costs £200. Mrs Burnell saves up £100 and Mr Burnell saves up £150. If they put their money together to buy the puppy, how much would they have left over? If they shared what was left over equally between them, how much would they each get?

Problem 10

Mrs Fox made a HUGE chocolate cake. She cut it into 20 slices. Miss Rushworth, Mrs Bennie, Mr Close, Miss Umpleby, Mrs Osman and Mrs Watson all cut their slices in half and shared them with other members of staff. Mrs Clayton and Mrs Berzins cut their slices into 3 and shared them with others. Mrs Keel and Mr Osborne cut their slices into 4 and shared them with others. The rest of the cake was eaten by Teatime club. How many slices did the teachers have altogether and how many slices did Teatime club have?

Now make up some word problems of your own.