Dave Pelzer

a biography by: Reagan Dillion

Basic Information

Age {today}: 54

birthday: december 29, 1960

when did he die?: he is not dead he is still alive

when did child abuse start?: 1965

when did child abuse end?: may 5th ( cinco de mayo!!!!) 1973

who was his social worker?: Ms Pam Gold

Early Childhood, Impact on Society, events that shaped his life

In his early childhood ( 5-12 ) he was abused and staved to death by his unstable alcoholic mother. here is the things his mother did to him

- beat with a broom , dog chain , her fists , ect.

- he only wore one worn out shoes , shirt , and pants every one to two years for school

- when he did the dishes he had to wash them with scalding hot water

- she burned him on top of gas stove

- stabbed him in the chest with a knife because he didn't do the dishes on time

- made him sit on his hands in a POW position in the freezing cold or extremely hot garage

- made him sleep in the garage only rarely did he get to sleep on a army cot mat with no blanket or pillow

- smashed his face into a mirror and made him say " I'm a bad boy!'

- made him eat dog poop

- smashed his face into a soiled diaper

- made him run to school everyday

- threw him in the bathroom with a gas mixture of ammonia and clorox bleach and after that was done he threw up blood

- starved him so much he had to eat out of the trash can where she put spoiled meat scraps on purpose to teach him a lesson

there are many more that his terrible mother has done to him

Impact on Society

Dave pelzers impact on society was that he survived child abuse

Events that shaped his life

the events that shaped his life is the horrible things his mother did to him that made him write a book

Carreer, overcoming obstacles


Dave pelzers career is being an author

Overcoming obstacles

being a teenager/adult with a horrible past to live with

Why I chose this person

I chose this person because he is a strong adult with a terrible past and he is an inspiration because his story basically portrays " life is hard but you will survive '