I FunnyTV


I FunnyTV

Written by: James Patterson

Published By: Jimmy Patterson

ISBN: 0316206938

Genre: Comedy

Grades: 3-7

Awards: #1 New York Times Bestseller

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In these books called I Funny there is a middle school kid names Jamie Grim. His life in the beginning was like horrible because his family died and he got very seriously injured and he had to go to emergany room and alot of stuff happened. He ended up in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He has been living with the smileys since that accident. His life started to change overtime and has been getting better through out the books by him first starting out with telling jokes and making people laugh then ending up in a contest that takes him to hollywood and so on and so forth.

In this book I Funny TV his life is so cool his joke show is turning into a TV series and Jamie is getting all nervous because these contents are taking him away from his friends and family and he is all worried. Although the story turned out very nice because his TV series turned out to be a big big hit. Does he come home back to his friends and family Does he win the contest? Thats the question for you. Read the book then you will know. I would rate this book 5 stars because the I Funny Series is a very interesting series and funny as well. I recommend this for everyone to read and enjoy.

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