Road To a General Operations

By: Salvatore Bonadonna

Middle School

Just keep a good grade up in social studies and computers.

High School

Classes: ELA 2, Algebra I, Physical Science, and History all 4 years

Test: SAT's at least twice, and ACT's at least twice you should take them in the spring

A good job would be a position at places like Starbucks or Burger King

College Majors

Majors: Buisness, Buisness administration, enturpenership/ Entrepenurial studies, and International Buisness

College Course's

Courses: Computers, Acounting and financial skills, History

You want a bachelor degree plus work experience

Some college ideas

College' s: Brown Mackie college,DeVry University, Lakeland College,and Missouri state university

Some places to work

Places: Warehouses, hotels, travel agencies,restaurants,Ford