Our academy monthly newsletter

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Thank you to all of our Random Acts of Leadership leaders!!

Marcos Degante of class 8P2 has been making tremendous amount of effort to arrive on time to school each and every day.

Brianna Infate of class 7P6 took her time to help her friend who was upset because she didn't get the assignment.

Janet Morales, Francys Cordero, Karen Gordillo, Jennifer Quito, and Sebastian Sanchez of class 7P1 volunteered their time after school to decorate the Princeton Hallways.

Upcoming Events !!!

Tuesday November 17th - Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday/Friday November 19th & 20th - 8th Grade Photo

Friday November 20th - National Games Day

Tuesday November 24th - 6th & 7th Grade Photo Day

Tuesday November 24th - Lets Talk Turkey with parents and teachers

Wednesday November 25th - Princeton Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday November 25th - Academy Color Day

Thursday November 26th - Thanksgiving

Parent teacher conferences(student led conferences)

November 17th 2015 parent teacher conferences will be held at I.S.61. Starting at 12:40 in the afternoon and ends at 2:40. Then in the evening it starts at 4:30 and ends again at 7:30. So for all the students needing to make up work ask your teachers now and make sure you get those good grades.

Tips for Improving Grades:

  • study your notes to improve on a topic
  • ask a teacher for help
  • stay after school for help
  • Make up all of your missing work

Happy Birthday to the following teachers!

  • Ms. Frantzis Sept. 7th
  • Ms .Kluz Sept. 14th
  • Ms. Phan Oct. 1st
  • Ms. Padilla Oct. 9th
  • Ms. Din Oct. 11th
  • Ms. Colon Oct. 5th
  • Mr. Carboni Oct. 7th
  • Ms. Lu Nov. 3rd
  • Ms. Vigo Nov. 10th
  • Ms .Drummond Nov. 13th

Got Ideas for the Princeton Newsletter?

Contribute your great ideas or suggestions for Tiger Talk by visiting Ms. Torre in room 256 any day during lunch!