Running Form Clinic

with Jae Gruenke, Founder of The Balanced Runner

Improve your running form for better performance, and learn how to run easily in minimalist footwear or bare feet.

Chicago Running Form Clinic with Jae Gruenke of The Balanced Runner

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 at 6:30-8pm

808 N Lake Shore Dr

Chicago, IL

In this 90-minute clinic, Jae will begin by explaining and demonstrating the essential elements of healthy running form. Then she'll analyze your form and and lead you through a Feldenkrais lesson to help you feel how to make the improvements you need most. You'll leave the workshop with an understanding of how to change your form for the better, with focus points and images you can use when you run.

Jae Gruenke, GCFP

Known as a “running form guru,” Jae Gruenke is a running biomechanics expert, Feldenkrais Practitioner, and the Founder and CEO of The Balanced Runner™ in New York City and The Balanced Runner UK. She has helped runners from beginner to Olympian improve their form to become pain-free, economical, and fast. She specializes in helping those whose problems have not resolved with medical treatment and those transitioning to natural running form, minimalist footwear, and barefoot running.