8th Grade Newsletter

STEAM MIDDLE SCHOOL | January 16 - 19

Important Information

  • Please be mindful of the Burleson ISD dress code. As a reminder, Thursday's are college t-shirt day.
  • Students need to wear their student ID and have their trust card visible at all times.


Mr. Rohde & Mrs. Taylor | Humanities

This week in US History, we will be focusing on several key events in our early years as a nation: The War of 1812, Expanding and Establishing our Borders, Manifest Destiny, the growth of Nationalism and Sectionalism, and the Transportation Revolution. In ELA, we will continue our focus on analyzing and understanding various literary concepts in poetry. There is MAP testing on Wednesday. Students should bring earbuds.

TEST ALERT: We will be conducting our Mid-Year Reading MAP Test for all students on Wednesday, January 17th.

Tutoring Times: Thursday from 7:45-8:15 am, and 4:00-4:45 pm

Mr. John Rohde | Humanities

Mrs. Taylor | Humanities


Mrs. Burke | Algebra

We will continue with Systems of Equations. Does this apply to real life? I get this questions all the time! We will be planning a fundraising event and will see how systems are used in real life.

As your students are preparing for high school, we will be focusing on deadlines and due dates. With that being said...all IXL assignments will be finalized on the due date. Students will no longer be able to drag them on for weeks.

I hope that you had a wonderful Winter Break and I’m looking forward to this semester!

Tutoring schedule is the same, T/TH 8:00-8:30.

MAP Testing- January 22nd

Mrs. Fisher | Math

  • Monday - no school!

  • Tuesday - volume of spheres

  • Wednesday - READING MAP TEST

  • Thursday - mixed review of volume

Friday - surface area


Mrs. Tashman | Integrated Physics & Chemistry

We had a great first week back for the semester! We started our intro to physics unit, and we will be taking a test on Friday of this week about the fundamentals of physics!

Tutoring is Tuesday and Thursday from 7:50 - 8:20.

Mr. Trammel | Science

Whoa!!! It’s been a fun week back!! Took us a little while to get going but now we are firing on all cylinders. That is the perfect analogy for we just launched our new unit ‘The Need for Speed’ Throughout this unit students will be learning about the relationships between force, motion, and energy all while designing an edible car that they will RACE! This coming week, will be discussing more specifically the differentiation between speed, velocity, and acceleration. I am super stoked and can’t wait to move forward with this unit. Pedal to medal!

Thursday: Tutoring; 4 - 4:30 (or anytime by appointment)

Friday: Quiz


ART | Mrs. Beam & Mrs. Dickerson

This week we will continue working on pastel & emotion unit. Students will work through our process work and begin final pieces.

Mrs. Berckart | Gateway to Technology

Green Architecture: It was great meeting all my new students, and seeing some of my students from last semester! I hope everyone enjoyed their break! This week we talked a little about Engineering and the design process and worked on a design process challenge. Next week we will dive into reading the architectural scale and have some practice with those skills ending with a brief quiz on Friday if time allows

Magic of Electrons: It was great meeting all my new students, and seeing some of my students from last semester! I hope everyone enjoyed their break! This week we talked a little about Engineering and the design process and worked on a design process challenge. Next week we will be going over some new vocabulary terms and preparing for a Kahoot Quiz on Friday if time allows.

Coach Dunson | Physical Education

Welcome back Wolverines! I hope everyone enjoyed a well deserved break. We are off to a great start in our badminton unit. Be on the lookout for more games incorporating serving and volley skills this week.

Mr. Haro | Spanish 1 & 2

  • Students will continue learning to read and talk about meals and menus.

  • They will practice talking and writing about foods they and others LIKE and DISLIKE.

  • For their Writing Practice, they will read about Bartolome MURILLO, a famous Spanish painter. They will study a painting, and answer an open ended quiestion.

  • They will learn about the beautiful city of SEVILLA, Spain.

  • There will be a quiz on the new vocabulary (Tuesday 16th-Formative; vocabulary recognition only).

Ms. Locke | College & Career Readiness

  • We are finalizing our wevideo projects over their future goals.

  • Friday’s will be used to read current events over colleges and careers as well as complete scholarship applications

  • Important Dates:

  • January 24th -BHS Criminal Justice Team is coming to speak to the class

  • January 29th- Mrs. Harrison will be in class to help students with their high school schedules

  • January 25th - College Terms Vocabulary

Mrs. Morgan | Computer Literacy

We kicked off our week by carefully reviewing the syllabus, rules, and procedures and ended the week with a fun cardboard challenge. Next week, students will learn how to design a scale model on graph paper which they will then build out of cardboard.

Mrs. Owen | AVID

Next week in AVID we will be using deep reading strategies to examine a text. We will also work on refining our tutorial process for tutorial days. Please help your students stay organized by making sure they are cleaning out their backpacks and writing in their planners on a daily basis. Enjoy your three day weekend!

Ms. Parker | Personal Finance

*I will be out for a training Tuesday - Thursday of this week*

Student's will be gearing up for their new unit on budgeting and savings. All assignments will be in Google Classroom.

Mrs. Shumway | Comic Book & AV Tech

Comic Book-

  • Right now in Comic Book we are working on our first animation. The animation is a 15 second Introduction, where students introduce themselves to their audience.

  • DUE this week: Illustrator files and Premiere Mini Lesson 1

A/V Tech-

  • This week we are working on our Photoshop Mashup Animals. Students are creating a mythical creature by combining two animal photos, using tools and processes in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Students need to make sure they have turned in their 4 Photoshop Mini Lessons in Google Classroom.

  • Students will update their Digital Portfolios with their Mashup photos and artist statements