Children's Ministry Newsletter

Sunday October 21, 2018

Today Was Our Big Review Week

Today was our big review week so the kids played Jeopardy of course! The material we reviewed covered Noah through Isaac & Rebecca (Genesis 1 - 4) Below are the categories along with a few questions for each category:


How long were Noah and his family in the ark together? 1 year

What was the first thing Noah did after he left the ark? Built an after and worshiped God

God's Promises

What did God give as a sign of his promise after the ark? A rainbow

What did God promise Abraham about his descendants? Abrahams descendants would be as numerous as the stars.

Abraham's Journey

What was the name of the land that Abraham settled in? Canaan

Why did Abraham and Lot have to split up? The land couldn't support their flocks and cattle and their herdsmen were fighting.

Abraham & Sarah Have a Baby

What did Sarah do when she heard the 3 visitors tell Abraham that they were going to have a son? She laughed

What did they name their son? Isaac (which means laughter)

Isaac Gets a Wife

What did Abraham ask his chief servant to do for him and Isaac? Go to his homeland to find a wide for Isaac

What test did the servant ask God to use to show him who the right woman was for Isaac? When he asked her for water, she would also offer to get water for the camels

Prayer Meeting TONIGHT!

Sunday October 21st from 5 - 6 PM

Family Movie Night

Sunday October 28th @ 5:00 PM

Bring snacks and water for your family to enjoy during the movie (popcorn will be provided).

*Movie not yet selected

Nomadic Shelter

November 2nd

This is a great opportunity for our children to help those are less fortunate in our community. There are multiple ways to serve within this ministry which include making lunches on Friday afternoon with a group of volunteers from our church, serving food Friday evening to those enrolled in the program and help to ensure we have all the food needed for both dinner and lunch.

If you can help in anyway please sign up on one of the two clipboards at church.

Christmas Program

December 16th & 23rd

If you or your child would like to participate as a singer, playing an instrument, acting, or helping with making needed costumes or if you have any questions please contact Kathy Schallert

The children will also present a special Christmas Play for the congregation and our visitors. As these details come averrable we will provide them to you as well as the children themselves. .

We now have our very own ministry page on the church website! If you go to the church website and select Activities on the top left you will see a new page titled Children's Ministry. This is a new addition and is a work in progress. We will slowly be adding different items along with our weekly newsletter for any interested to see.

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