Genetically Modified Food

Reasons its bad

What is Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically modified food are foods who have had foreign genes inserted into there genetic code. Genetic modification can be done to lots of different things, like food, plants and animals.

Risks of GM Food

Mixing genes from unrelated species can cause side effects to these organisms. It can create new toxins and carcinegons.

Crops that are GM can harm the rest of the enviroment. They can affect birds, incects, marine ecosystems.

GM products interbreed with the rest of nature. Through pollination and the breeze GM Crops can combine with non-GM crops. This leads to a hard time for farmers who are GM free.

Using GM crops increases use in weed killer. This is because some GM food can survive weed killer, which in turn has farmers using more weed killer creating weeds that can adapt to the effects of weed killer.