2nd Grade Persuasive Writing

Teachers Please Review & Give Feedback

March 21-24: Introduction to Persuasive Writing

Your class and I had a discussion about what persuasion is and how to convince others by giving reasons to support the argument. We read the story book "Click CLack Moo" and reviewed main events by having a class discussion with thought-provoking questions by Ms. Garcia. After reviewing the story and the arguments the characters provided for their wish list, then the students received a prompt of their own, They were to pretend they were the ducks in the book and write a letter to Farmer Brown to explain why they needed a diving board in the pond. Ms. Garcia provided a writing skeleton for the students to use to structure their writing and came up with reasons with the class. Some students used their creativity and came up with original reasons.

April 4-7: Persuasive Writing and Text Features

This week I will be using the book "I Wanna Iguana" to reinforce the concept of providing reasons in persuasive writing. This book is also great because I will get to focus on other features of persuasive writing such as word choice, voice, audience, etc. . .

Positive Action Connection:

Lesson 72: Eight Positive Actions for Getting Along with Others Using Social/Emotional and Friendship

Positive Actions

  1. Showing love and caring
  2. Thinking how others feel
  3. Being fair
  4. Being Friendly
  5. Being Kind
  6. Being courteous and patient
  7. Cooperating
  8. Using a positive sense of humor

Lesson 73: Personal Code of Conduct: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Lesson 75: Create Classroom Code of Conduct = this is your Class Mission Statement

April 18-22: Additional Examples

Story Books: "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and "The Great Kapok Tree"

The Great Kapok Tree will be a great opener for our Lion's advocacy project since it promotes making a difference in our schools, home, and community.

Positive Action Connection

Lesson 77: Bullying, Types of Bullying, and how to Deal with it

Lesson 92: Cooperation means to work with others for a common purpose

Lesson 93: Being Truthful with Yourself

  1. Refusing to blame others/accepting responsibility
  2. Not making excuses
  3. Admitting mistakes
  4. Doing what you say you'll do
  5. Being honest about your feelings
  6. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
  7. Resisting peer pressure
  8. Lightening up

May 2-5: Persuasive Writing Lion Advocacy Project

This week will be the beginning phase of the letter writing process. I will provide the students a think sheet so that they can come up with their reasons for wanting to preserve and conserve the existing Lion population. I will also give them lined paper to begin their letter if they are ready to begin it.

Positive Action Connection

Lesson 99: Being realistic and admitting to strengths and weaknesses

Lesson 100: Self-responsibility: answer to your own actions

Lesson 110: Self- Honesty: telling yourself the truth about you

May 16-19: Continue Letter Writing and Lion Artwork

Students will continue working on their letters and Ms. Garcia will be going around helping students dig deeper and providing feedback. Students who complete their letter will then be invited to develop Lion artwork of their own to showcase alongside their letter.

Positive Action Connection

Lesson 122: Reviewing 8 gifts/resources: time, energy, thoughts, feelings, money, possessions, actions, and talents. Treating others with kindness, honesty, respect, patience, and courtesy

Lesson 124: Goals and Goal Setting. Goal: dreams you want to reach

The project itself is a goal.

Lesson 125/126: Intellectual improvements

Their goal-setting through their leadership portfolios