Get It * Take It * Try It *Share It

KMS Year-Long Professional Development - 2016/2017


This year you will participate in PD where you will Get or learn new information, Take key points and or strategies from the pd to Try in the classroom, then go back to the original group to Share your reflections. You will choose a topic of interest for the fall and then choose a different path in spring. Please choose your path for the Spring.

COMPASSIONATE SCHOOL: Educating With a Trauma Informed Perspective

Are you aware of students suffering with trauma? Are you equipped with strategies to address the student's needs? This session highlights the importance of leadership in creating the understanding and infrastructure that can support the team work among staff in order to support all children in being successful. You will learn the effect trauma has on a child and on a school. You will learn key steps to respond to children experiencing trauma. In the second session The Method to the Message - Effective Communication, you will learn how to develop trusting relationships and communication strategies that fit the needs of your learners. These strategies will help you communicate more effectively with parents, students and team members.

Presented by Katie Dight ,Dana Hughes and Kelvin Thompson

Location- Media Center

Sparking Student Engagement

In this two-part session you will learn how to capture students attention. In the first session, Authentic Collaboration Through Integration, you will learn the art of authentic collaboration and the steps needed to put it in action. You will understand how having a common goal among your team will increase student success and accountability. In the second session, Project Based Learning, you will gain a deeper understanding of what PBL is and how to implement it in your class. You will leave with resources needed to get PBL started.

Presented by Mary Ellen Bennett, Porsche Sims, Sara Newell, and Jerold Griggs

Location room 205


In this two- part session, you will learn where the next generation of learners are heading and what they will need to be successful. In the first session, How to Enhance Critical Thinking in your Students, you will discover the research behind what it means to be a critical thinker. You will also learn steps on how to engage your students in critical thinking. In the second session, Creativity: Getting it Started, Keeping it Going, you will examine hands on tools that will grasp your students' attention and help them become creative problem solvers,

Pressented by Galloway, Breena Brown, Sara Newell, Cara Wolford

Location- room 301