Loie Fuller

American dancer


Born in Chicago in 1862, Loie Fuller began her stage career as a child actress. During her twenties, she performed as a skirt dancer on the burlesque circuit. Fuller began experimenting with the effect the gas lighting had on her silk skirt and received special notice in the press. Her next road tour, in a show called "Uncle Celestine," featured this new version of the skirt dance. By emphasizing the body was transformed by the artfully moving silk.
Danse Serpentine - Loie Fuller

How she came up with the skirt dance

Her swirling arm movements and colored lights produced a mesmerizing effect that many of her contemporary artists and filmmakers (including the Lumiére Brothers) attempted to capture and many later artists attempted to reproduce. Her early experience in burlesque, vaudeville, and circus was transformed into stunning visual effects and artistic innovations, resulting in what her French contemporary Arsène Alexandre called “the marvelous dream-creature you see dancing madly in a vision swirling.
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How did she contrbute?

Loie Fuller was one of the first dancers to take off her ballet shoes and make free movements without having ballet technique.We still use this movements today without her we might not have had this opportunity.