Fifth Grade Flyer

Mrs. Broxterman's Class, November 21, 2014

Currently in Fifth Grade

Math: Students are learning how to divide decimals. We have learned some tips to help with knowing what to do when the decimal is in the dividend, divisor, or both. It is important for students to work neatly on homework, especially when digit and decimal placement can make a big difference in getting the correct quotient. Next week we will have some fun learning how to use a budget and grocery ads to plan for a Thanksgiving meal.

Literacy: We have been focusing on verbs in grammar, specifically verb tenses and how to avoid shifting tense while writing. Student have been writing a persuasive letter from the point of view of a Thanksgiving turkey, pleading to be saved and offering other alternatives for the big meal. We have continued to discuss figurative language.

There will be no new spelling list next week due to the short week.

For the month of December, there will be no book report due to the short and busy month.

Reading Logs: We have earned another coupon for being one of the classes in the school that is logging the most minutes! A Chili's coupon will be coming home in Monday folders. Please encourage your child to log lots of minutes during the Thanksgiving break and please sign prior to the Friday log check. Let's keep the coupons coming!

Integrated Science: Student have being having more hands-on learning opportunities exploring properties of matter. Each class rotated through a station in each of the fifth grade classrooms, learning about buoyancy, density, mass, and volume. We are currently working on stations that contain mixtures and solutions, and students need to use various tools to figure out if the items can be separated or not. Students will be writing Matter Newspapers to showcase their learning of the topic next week.

Mid Quarter Reports: These will be going home in Monday folders. Please sign the bottom portion and have your child return it to school on Tuesday.

Ernie Miller Field Trip

Upcoming Events

  • Mid Quarter Reports go home in Monday Folders - Nov. 24
  • Historical Fiction Book Report due - Nov. 25
  • Thanksgiving Break, No School - Nov. 26- 28
  • Growth & Development Video and Discussion - Dec. 5 (permission slips due now)

Conversation Starters

  • How do you divide decimals? What does it mean to "raise it to the roof?"
  • What is the difference between a mixture and a solution? What are some tools you can use to help you figure it out?
  • What does it mean to shift in verb tense?
  • Are you ready to present your historical book report on Tuesday?
  • What turkey-related writing did you do in class?
  • Can you give me some examples of figurative language?